In today’s still slowed economy it is reassuring to hear about corporate endeavors bringing jobs back into the United States.  On February 28, 2011 Bennu Glass LLC announced plans to reopen an idle wine bottle manufacturing facility in Kalama, Washington, pending financing, required maintenance, and replacement of faulty equipment.  Bennu’s newly forged alliance with distributor AAC Wine is making this dream a reality.

The factory is currently in production and is planning to celebrate a grand opening in September of this year.  Bennu will manufacture up to 34 different bottle styles, produce over 11 million cases of wine bottles per year, and create over 90 new American jobs internally.  The factory will create additional American jobs as numerous local and regional suppliers will be needed to serve the its demand for raw materials, supplies, and services.  The factory will also further shrink the wine industry’s carbon footprint using low emission liquid oxygen for combustion and state of the art pollution controls, making it the greenest glass factory in the country.

AAC Pacific Coast, a division of All American Containers, is excited to collaborate with Bennu Glass to help expand the company’s distribution reach along both East and West coasts. AAC will be fundamental in Bennu securing a distribution foothold and establishing a presence in the market.  “We’re currently focusing our efforts on producing the highest quality product possible.”  said Nicole Weir, Bennu’s distributor accounts & sales service manager,  “With the current structure and size of our sales team it would be impossible to distribute and create a presence in the market ourselves.  This is why our alliance with AAC is invaluable.”  

“We’re thrilled to be part of such a win-win opportunity.  So much of the domestic wine industry is very patriotic and are demanding product that are manufactured by and creating jobs for Americans.  We’re excited to be able to offer more American made options and supporting a good cause.” says Stephanie Ramczyk, Business Development manager of AAC Wine’s West Coast Distribution. This Westcoast alliance will allow them to to offer more variety and keep domestic glass as price competitive as possible.  “People that we’ve talked to continue to tell us that having a reliable, low-cost, high-quality producer in the United States is something that’s good for them, good for their brands, and we have people very anxious to get started,” said Jerry Lemieux, CEO of Bennu Glass LLC

All American Containers, Inc is one of the largest suppliers of glass, plastic and metal containers, tubes and dispensers, and plastic and metal closure in the US. Their wine division carries a complete line of wine bottles, corks, and capsules in a wide selection of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes- and our bi-coastal warehouses service the entire United States. AAC Wine serves businesses of all sizes and with warehouses in Santa Rosa, CA, Simi Valley, CA, and Pittsburg, PA, AAC Wine makes access to their product as easy as possible.  “Whether your operation is large or small, we’ll treat your business as if it were our very own.” states President Marty Sychowski on their website,

For more information please feel free to contact Stephanie Ramczyk by phone at (707) 544-3496 or by email at

AuthorTodd Smith