With harvest season here All American Containers would like to introduce our new Tastevine Magnum wine bottle! The Tastevine Magnum is 1.5 litres, double the size of our 750ml bottles, which equals twice as much enjoyment for your clients. This bottle is the perfect size for celebrations, and will add a touch of panache to any social gathering.


Wine connoisseurs can also rejoice; not only is the Tastevine Magnum esthetically pleasing, it is also beneficial to your wine! Large format bottles allow less exposure to oxygen, which translates to a slower maturation and a more developed wine. Wine sampled from magnum-sized bottles is consistently ranked as better tasting than that of their smaller counterparts. So not only will your wine make a splash at a party, it will also wow collectors throughout the coming years. Simply click on the link below to begin your free quote for the Tastevine Magnum!